Birth with the rhythm of your body,
the wisdom of your intuition,
the strength of your mind and heart.

We are more than just physiological, intellectual and emotional beings.

We are also spiritual beings.

Get to know yourself and the intricacies within.

Birthaura– approaching childbirth holistically, through the lens of Islam

Finding barakah and spiritual inspiration through worship and the Creator.

Cultivating mindsets, beliefs and empowerment.

Optimising the biomechanics of our physiology & evidence-based info for
an easier and safer birth.

“What if instead of talking about birth as natural or unmedicated, surgical or vaginal, we talked about the transformation experienced by those who live it? What if instead of asking a new parent if they gave birth naturally or with drugs, we asked how birth transformed them?”

– Britta Bushnell, PhD

Transformational Birth
Support Coaching

Having a positive birth is not just about attending childbirth classes and having a good support team. The formula is more than that.
The core to having a positive birth that transforms requires a shift in your mindset and heartset. You have the full power to make this rites of passage an experience that is fulfilling and empowering or one that weakens and stagnates.

If you want to take charge of your birth, discover your goals, diffuse and use your fears, align your actions, be accountable to yourself, look no further. Click here for more details or e-mail for a 30-min discovery session.

Birthing in Barakah:

The Path towards an Empowering and Spiritually Rejuvenating Birth

Find your own unique way to experience a birth that draws you closer to Allah (God) and increases  your reliance unto Him.
Discover your own birthing journey that facilitates and honour the transformational experiences of birth

– physiologically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Together with practical and evidence-based information to help you prepare for childbirth,
this course integrates coaching for you to initiate a search within yourself,
your beliefs and goals in childbirth and chart out actions with those beliefs.

Forge firm and courageous steps and be empowered in this beautiful, yet humbling,  rites of passage.
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Helping women shift, transform and experience the miraculous touches of birth brings me great joy and fulfillment. For no matter how their journey to bring their baby to this world unfolds, they can traverse their birth with trust, presence, courage and growth.

I extend this partnership especially to those who wish to experience an Islamically-inspired birth and all who want a birth that is in touch with both their bodies and souls.

Kind Words

Aisha Abdillahi Riyadh, KSA

Hafiza helped me remain calm and focused during labour.
All in all, I would definitely recommend Hafiza as a doula to any pregnant woman in need. If I was able to hire her for another pregnancy I would. My only regret is that I didn’t hire her earlier!

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Kausar Rizvi Doha, Qatar

Always interested in the wellbeing of the client and is also very involved in the whole pregnancy and birth experience.
She helped me achieve the natural birth I wanted with my husband’s support.

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Maria Mohamed Riyadh, KSA

If you are struggling with your feelings during pregnancy, feelings about your previous or current birth, crazy emotions, are confused about how to approach labor and birth, I highly recommend that you have a talk with Hafiza and you will emerge with complete clarity, a sound emotional track and a positive mindset about pregnancy and birth.

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Kanika Nagpal Doha, Qatar

Just talking to her would make you feel calm and more confident about the whole birthing process.

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Angie Velazco Doha, Qatar

The info you sent and what you shared with us was awesome and very informative, absolutely nothing to waste.

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Basma Garouchi & Ahmed Salman Edmonton, Canada

Hafiza gave us well-paced and highly informative coaching sessions, assisted us with our birth plan, and empowered us to navigate the final weeks before delivery with greater confidence and ease To our delight, we were blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby through a natural birth right on our due date!

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    “Birth is an opportunity to transcend.
    To rise above what we are accustomed to,
    reach deeper inside ourselves than  we are familiar with,
    and to see not only what we are truly made of,
    but the strength we can access in and through birth.”

    —Marcie Macari

    Locally based in Doha, Qatar.
    Reaching out worldwide.