About Me

Nur Hafiza Kemat

I am a modern-day nomad whose path leads me to different cities every few years with my husband and 4 children.

My passion

My passion to help birthing women started in university, when I was introduced to a midwifery course which my friends were taking. But by then I had already decided to study psychology. The seeds were planted though and, many years later, I finally managed to go deeper into being a birthworker when my last child was a toddler.

​My heart feels so much beauty and wonder in birth. How the body works in harmony while another human being is growing
in it is a miraculous wonder and a fascinating experience to witness .

A woman can be empowered through learning what her body can do and engaging it to bring another life into this world. It’s about taking ownership of her body and working with it, making informed decisions, trusting her instincts and surrendering herself to the flow of birth.

It’s with this insight that I would like to help women find the power and strength within themselves to know that they can give birth the best way – feeling at ease with their body, hearts, and minds.

My Mission

Helping women shift, transform and experience the miraculous touches of birth brings me great joy and fulfillment. For no matter how their journey to bring their baby to this world unfolds, they can traverse their birth routes with trust, presence, courage and growth.

I extend this partnership especially to those who wish to experience an Islamically-inspired birth and all who want a birth that is in touch with both their bodies and souls.

Nur Hafiza Kemat
Certified Doula (AMANI)
Certified Transformational Birth Support Coach (Birth Coach Method)
Certified Childbirth Educator (Lamaze)
 BSc(Hons) Applied Psychology