Childbirth Education

Birthing in Barakah:

The Path towards an Empowering and Spiritually Rejuvenating Birth

Find your own unique way to experience a birth that
that draws you closer to Allah (God), increase  your reliance unto Him, builds tawakkul
(trust) in His design of  birth and your body .
Discover your own birthing journey that facilitates and honour the transformational experiences of birth – physiologically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
Together with practical and evidence-based information to help you prepare for childbirth, this
 course integrates some aspects of coaching for you to initiate a search within yourself, your beliefs and goals in childbirth and chart out actions with those beliefs.
Forge firm and courageous steps and be empowered in this beautiful, yet humbling,  rites of passage.


This course includes all the practical and evidence-based information for parents to be more prepared and have the confidence to birth safely. This includes, the physiology of birth, relaxation techniques, comfort measures, complications and interventions, different models of care, nutrition, pre-natal exercises and many more.

The main difference between this course and other courses is the  coaching and mentoring for you to develop your beliefs and goals for birth. We would also go through a process to help to relieve fears and build a positive mindset surrounding childbirth. In addition, you would also find your own unique path to a spiritually fulfilling birth as it becomes as a means to draw closer the Creator.

The course would have both weekly recorded and live-interactive sessions.

Since there would be some coaching involved, the live sessions of this course are limited to a small number of birthing women. This is to create rapport and build trust for us to be able to express and interact with each other comfortably and safely. Birth partners are welcome to watch recorded teaching (not coaching) sessions.

The course will be held every quarter of the year. The first course date is not confirmed, but it will be held during the first quarter of 2021. It will be a 6 weeks course, with live weekly sessions. Before the live sessions, you are required to watch the assigned recorded sessions for the week.

If you are interested to join us please pre-register and you will be informed of the finalised dates.