from fear



Embrace Your


Showing up to your birth with peace from the Source of Peace (As-Salaam).

Embracing your labour contractions with
tawakkul (reliance on Allah).

Walking past your fears and step forward with
courage as the surges get intense.

Finding strength in your weakest moments
through connecting to Allah's remembrance.

A 3-day (1.5 - 2 hours per day)
Introductory Group Coaching Session (Online)

Know the purpose and function of labour pains.

Explore the meaning of pain and courage in your lives.

Build solid intentions for the birth of your choice and
how it relates to your life mission.

Weigh the benefits and costs of experiencing
labour pains and pain relievers.

Identify negative emotions associated to fear of labour pains and
reframe them to positive ones.

Build a connection with Allah through tawakkul (reliance, trust and faith)
with His remembrance before and during labour/birth.

Shift your mindset from following the voice of fear and worry to the voice of courage and tawakkul (reliance) to Allah swt.

Embrace your contractions as part of Allah’s rahmah (loving mercy) to bring your baby safely into your arms.

Feel the serenity from As-Salaam flowing in with every difficulty of birth.

Day 1

1. What are labour pains?

2. Pain vs suffering: A mind matter.

3. Benefits/Costs of experiencing labour pains & pain relievers.

4. Courage in our lives.

Day 2

1. What is the drive to achieve our birth goals?

2. Forming compelling intentions for birth.

Day 3

1. Reframing perspectives and shifting mindset towards embracing the birth process.

2. Building strong connections to Allah through His names and remembrance to manage contractions.



Who is this for?

Who this is not for?


Special early bird price for those who registered before 5 December 2021.

There would only be about 6-8 people in the group
to facilitate better and thorough discussions.

Let's set up a 15 minutes meeting to see if we are a right fit for each other.

Here are what some of my 1-1 clients have said about me

I write this with tears in my eyes just thinking of how Hafiza has touched my soul. She took my hand gently and lead me along the journey of pregnancy. With each session, she weaved lessons of tawakkul and remembrance of Allah. Because of her, I became more confident in my body’s ability to carry and birth a baby. Because of her, I became more confident in the idea of motherhood. (She) has changed my life and outlook.

Reama A. 1st time mother, Ottawa, Canada

I learnt so much about myself. (She gave me a) boost of confidence mentally and physically that I very much needed and showed me the beauty in labour and delivery that I have never seen before. I’ve learned to trust myself and believe in myself more than ever, alhamdulillah. An amazing few weeks with an amazing gentle soul.

Roha Raiissah Qadir 3rd time mother, Doha, Qatar

Hafiza gave us well-paced and highly informative coaching sessions, assisted us with our birth plan and empowered us to navigate the final weeks before delivery with greater confidence and ease.

Basma Garouchi 1st time mother, Edmonton, Canada

    Who am I?

    I am a certified childbirth educator, doula and transformational birth coach with a degree in Psychology.

    I am a modern day nomad who travels to different cities every few years with my family. I love to bring the beauty and miracle of birth to women in every part of the world.

    Birth is not just a physical experience. It is an experience that can bring maturity of being for each woman to understand another layer of Allah’s rahmah (loving mercy) and greatness as she experiences a life-altering journey that is emotionally enriching and spiritually fulfilling. I weave in the higher purpose of life in a woman’s birthing experience as I coach women to find healing, fulfilment and enrichment in this rites of passage.

    Through this, no matter how a woman birthed, she would be connected to her fitrah of ubudiyyah (worship) to Allah and discover a transformation through this honoured journey, inshaAllah.

    I am based in Qatar and serving worldwide. Let’s connect!