Kind Words

I’m still not over our meeting. Alhamdulillah it was such a clarifying and worthwhile meeting. 

My husband also liked everything I shared with him about what we spoke. He even loved the wheel of my birth journey.

I had an online meeting with Hafiza recently. I didn’t know what to expect from the meeting as I just volunteered to help her with a study project as a pregnant mother. I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant. 

At the end of the meeting though, I was a whole new person with so much clarity and focus regarding what I’m expecting from my birth and how to regulate my emotions. First up, Hafiza is a spectacular listener. Pouring out everything to her helped me see things in a new light. Secondly, she’s great at understanding  your thoughts and clearing your doubts. While sharing things with her, I spontaneously concluded what I should change in my thinking and where I should redirect my thoughts. She never specified anything and I came up with solutions to my confusions myself. 

She even helped me speak out some of my fears which I didn’t even realize were in my head. Alhamdulillah, I understood them, clarified what could be done to overcome them and Insha Allah am going into birth with a much more positive mindset.

She shared evidence based research to help me assess some of my fears which gave me a better perspective. 

Her suggestion about a birth prose was very new to me but I loved the idea immensely and will implement it soon. 

If you are struggling with your feelings during pregnancy, feelings about your previous or current birth, crazy emotions, are confused about how to approach labor and birth, I highly recommend that you have a talk with Hafiza and you will emerge with complete clarity, a sound emotional track and a positive mindset about pregnancy and birth.

She is a great birth worker and can do wonders for you. May Allah bless her!”

Maria Mohamed
Riyadh, KSA