Kind words

I first contacted Hafiza to be my doula late in my pregnancy. I was 37-38 weeks at the time and Hafiza made an effort to meet with me and get me up to speed before my due date. She has a calm demeanour which is infectious and it really did help relax me and feel more prepared for birth.

I really wanted the birth of my third baby to have as little medical intervention as possible and to avoid tearing as much as I could, and Hafiza discussed and demonstrated (during a home visit) what could be done to help achieve this. Such as positioning during birth and exercises during pregnancy as well as during labour. She left me great books, which I loved as I could read into what I wanted to know more about in depth.

After the home visit, she was diligent in checking up on me and reminding me of the exercises and to practice breathing in preparation.

My contractions started at roughly  5 or 6 am and Hafiza was readily available and remained on call until my labour progressed. Everything happened very quickly, so Hafiza met me at the hospital per my request. She had already contacted the hospital beforehand to let them know I was on my way (which I didn’t even consider doing) and she was there before I was. 

Hafiza helped me remain calm and focused during labour. The breathing technique Hafiza showed me and put emphasis on was the thing that helped make my delivery the easiest and smoothest delivery I’ve experienced.  My baby literally popped out. And she was very helpful in reminding me and keeping me informed of what was going on after delivery so that I was knew what was happening with my body and baby.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Hafiza as a doula to any pregnant woman in need. If I was able to hire her for another pregnancy I would. My only regret is that I didn’t hire her earlier! 

Aisha Abdillahi
Riyadh, KSA