Basma Garouchi & Ahmed Salman says..

With barely six weeks to go before our due date, our OB-GYN recommended that we go for an induction. We agreed to this initially but that was before divine providence manifested itself in us connecting with Hafiza! She asked us all the relevant questions and gave us very clear answers. Better informed, we cancelled our scheduled induction.

Hafiza gave us well-paced and highly informative coaching sessions, assisted us with our birth plan, and empowered us to navigate the final weeks before delivery with greater confidence and ease. When we had to reschedule a session due to unforeseeable circumstances, Hafiza was very understanding. Generously, she also introduced us to our exceptional midwife!

To our delight, we were blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby through a natural birth right on our due date! Thank you Hafiza for taking care of us!

Basma Garouchi &  Ahmed Salman
Edmonton, Canada